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Meeting in Santo Tirso - Portugal

The third international project meeting was held on April 21 – 22, 2023 in Santo Tirso / Portugal.
After welcoming the participants of the meeting by the hosts, there was a presentation of the Cooperative for Supporting the Integration of People with Disabilities (CAID) and a tour of the facilities of the center for the disabled, then there was a meeting with people with disabilities participating in project activities,
During the discussion, the principles and methods of testing instructional videos were defined; the survey and interview form as well as the research report template were discussed.
We also talked about different points of view on how to make instructional videos, to make them as useful as possible for people with disabilities.
The coordinator reminded about the necessity of evaluation and the principles of dissemination of project results. The tasks to be performed before the next meeting were defined, a tentative date for the meeting in Spain was set. Then, the evaluation of the meeting took place, the hosts handed out certificates confirming participation in the meeting.
Meeting in Rome - Italy

The second international project meeting was held on September 15 – 16, 2022 in Rome / Italy
During the meeting the partners described their experience with the groups selected to participate in the project work. They expressed their difficulties faced during the COVID period and talked about the needs of the target groups to keep in touch with others and with educational activities. The attention paid to online resources has been considerable.
Most of the activities were enjoyed via tablet or smartphone.
Individually, all the partners talked about their activities proposing them for the realization of the project materials.
The Italian partner will choose one of these topics to create an animation that gives instructions on how to implement the projecting technique.
The guidelines for the realization of clips of the different Outputs have been established and every clip must include some parts such as:
         Preparation of place – description;
         Preparation of needed materials;
         Safety equipment;
         How to use techniques: must be illustrated step-by-step taking clips from different angles and at different distance;
         Finishing clip with the final products. staff will prepare a keyframe for each single point established during the meeting to standardize the different videos that will be produced.
During the meeting we updated also the common materials and tools for dissemination, reporting and preparation of reports.
Meeting in Białystok - Poland

The first international project meeting (kick-off meeting) was held on March 7 - 8, 2022 in Białystok/ Poland
On behalf of the hosts, partners arrived at the meeting were welcomed by President of GAMA Foundation.
Coordinator of the project presented results and products to achieve during 36 months cooperation and explained the rules of the partnership, justification of expenditures and payments.
Persons participating in the meeting were presented and said a few words about their work, role in the project and their organisation.
Rules of each partner in the project were presented and confirmed by participants after discussion. Finally, were signed the partner agreements between coordinator’s organisation and partner’s organisations depends on participation of legal representatives.
Payment to cover first meeting costs each partner was done before meeting. After signing the contracts, the coordinator will transfer the funds to partner organizations on the terms specified in the Agreement with the Polish National Agency
Project Coordinator reminded of the actions that should be completed so far, and what awaits us in the near future to the next meeting of the project. With special attention to the evaluation and dissemination of information about the project and its results.
Partnership decided that next meeting will be in Italy - date will be set among partners by email.
After working part of the meeting, coordinator handed the certificates of attendance.
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